A Note on Feminism

Lastly, models have even earned the ire of other women, especially of many feminists who believe that feminism—the ideology that men and women are equal; the movement that seeks to shatter the chauvinist monolith of masculinity—simply does not bode well with fashion. This is because fashion is all about imagery. Creating images to adore so that people can respond with positive desire. This eventually leads to the objectification of women.

Models are reduced to nothing more than objects to hang clothes on so that they can accentuate the features of the clothes. They are reduced to mere playthings that men can ogle. And it is seen to perpetuate the wrong mentality of beauty, as has already been said. This is why so many feminists simply find fashion repulsive. However, these ideas do not sit well with everyone. Others see fashion as a celebration of femininity, as a form of empowerment through which the female form can be adored and the female takes center stage. There are numerous ideas that have been flung back and forth and, at the end of the day, one can only believe in one deems to be closest to her ideologies.

In the End

All these simply show the maze that a fashion model has to navigate, from the physical dangers of eating disorders, to the psychological trauma of competition and even the symbolic oppression of stereotypes, the only conclusion is that being a fashion model is a truly challenging profession.