Following the Glitz and Glamor

If there is one thing that could be said about the current spawning of reality shows that are geared to giving young girls a quick ticket into the fashion industry, it is the fact that the obsession over fashion and the fashion industry has certainly not waned. Teenagers still desire to be a fashion model—that girl on the cover of Vogue, rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful, being adored by the entire nation, wearing the coolest and trendiest clothes, with the sprawling billboards all over town.

To many, the world of fashion, its glitz and glamor, is one of fantasy. People can only dream about being part of the world of the rich and famous and this seeming mythicization is what drives so many to aspire to be part of it. This is why no matter what happens, there will always be a girl out there with her unbridled innocence dreaming to be the next Tyra Banks.

Woman Against Woman

The fashion industry, however, is a very cutthroat industry. There are only very few magazines out there. Only very few big-name modeling agencies. Only very few designers who need muses. This girls who want to be a model are placed in a slowly depleting savanna and they have to claw their way to success. Many models regret the decision of entering the fashion industry after they realize the psychological effects that it has on them.

Woman is pit against woman. You have to out-walk, out-pose, out-personality your competition so that you will be noticed. You can’t make too many friends and the very few that you make are usually short-lasting friendships, which are eventually cut short and curtailed by whatever competition you eventually have.

The fashion industry, therefore, becomes a lonely venture for a model. You have to rely on yourself and sometimes your family to be able to get through it all—and amidst all the hoopla success is never a certainty. You can only hope that you will be successful when all is said and done.