The Downsides of Modeling

Being a size zero also has it detriments when it comes to health. Far too many models are suffering from anorexia and bulimia and while the fashion industry is trying to distance itself from this image and trying to support efforts to counteract the spread of eating disorders, the modeling lifestyle is simply far too susceptible to these disorders. Some models, however, are able to become successful through healthy means but far too many are willing to take the shortcut—the oft devastating shortcut. The model is, therefore, constantly challenged to be healthy, a challenge that too many succumb to. These kinds of stresses sometimes force the model to take up other jobs, such as waitressing or cleaning.

Moreover, this idea of beauty as being strictly limited to those who are skinny also sends the wrong kind of message to numerous teenagers all across the nation and this can only facilitate the spread of this misguided idea of health and beauty. People need to be reminded that beauty can be full-figured, that beauty can exist beyond sizes one and two, that beauty can be found even with larger waist lines, that true beauty is found in the vibrancy of a healthy body.

On the Issue of Stereotypes

As a model, one will also constantly face stereotypes. Many people have the idea that models are lacking in the intellectual front and will constantly downplay the capacity of models. You will have to work against the cultural grain and be able to show the world that you can be more that a face that smiles in front of the camera or a body that men adore.

Many models are actually working tirelessly to shatter these stereotypes and as a model it is important that you also take part in this important advocacy.

Post written by Hannah Armstrong, who also writes for the NYTimes and Credit Glory, a credit repair Tampa company.